ConPhyMed - phytomedicine business consulting service

The ConPhyMed GmbH is a completely independent spin-off of the HanseMerkur Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf gGmbH.


The main objectives of the ConPhyMed GmbH are to introduce Asian phytomedicine to the European market, to develop tailor-made market access strategies and to implement the availability of these products. In addition to the preparation of the necessary documents, clients are accompanied during the entire approval or registration process, which encompasses marketing, market launch and distribution strategies.


The core competencies of ConPhyMed GmbH are in the following areas:


1) Business consulting on the subject of phytomedicine in Europe.


2) Development of market access strategies.


3) Selection of suitable TCM products with regard to possible indications, the needs of European consumers as well as the quality and effectiveness of the products.


4) Conception of a balanced product portfolio that covers the principal indications for phytopharmaceuticals and allows as many different applications as possible.


5) Registration of the products as traditional herbal medicines.


6) Coordination of various personnel (for example, importers, producers, distribution companies) and of the processes required for successful launch and subsequent marketing of the products.


7) Marketing support through the planning, implementation and publication of accompanying research on the respective products. Building consumer confidence on the quality and effectiveness of the products.


8) Marketing in relation to various medical specialists: scientists (and their associations), physicians, and therapists.


The ConPhyMed GmbH team consists of experts in medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, economics, and politics – experts who can process all relevant tasks competently and efficiently.