Developing a phytomedicine product portfolio

The ConPhyMed GmbH is developing an innovative market access concept, which is precisely geared to the needs and expectations of the European population. The aim is to introduce a broad product portfolio that has the approval of traditional medicines. The product portfolio is intended to cover the principal indications for phytopharmaceuticals and to allow as many different applications as possible. The sustainable concept is designed to create unique features, meet the needs of the population in terms of safety, quality and effectiveness, and ensure fast, smooth market access.

Goals: TCM market launch first in Germany, then in Europe

One goal is to strive to sell the first three to five products on the German market within 3,5 – 4,5 years. Another goal is that the products be sold on the European market. In the following years, the product range should be expanded to 15–20 products. Within 10–15 years, the concept is designed to compete with the leading German manufacturers of herbal medicines.


To achieve this, tailor-made sales, marketing and an expansion concept have to be developed during the implementation of our company specific market access concept. With a bundled branch know-how, the ConPhyMed GmbH can enable Asien phytopharmaceutical companies to make the leap into the EU market for phytopharmaceuticals. The core competences of the Asian phytopharmaceutical companies can be meaningfully supplemented by knowledge of the EU/TCM market, EU health systems, the legal frameworks, quality criteria and quality expectations of consumers, as well as of patients’ needs and the education systems of the ConPhyMed GmbH. The ConPhyMed GmbH is supported by a broad network in relation to the practices of medicine, science, business, and politics.