The phytopharmaceutical market in Europe

Expenditure on medicine in Europe is expected to increase from 143.1 billion euros in 2016 to 160–189 billion euros in 2021. The overall growth of the EU pharmaceutical market is estimated to be between 1 and 4% until 2021. In Germany, a growth of 2–5% is expected over the same period.


In 2016, 172 million units of phytopharmaceuticals were sold in Germany. A total of 1.65 billion euros were spent on non-prescription phytomedicals in self-medication, representing a share of 31% of sales of nonprescription medicines in pharmacies.


The annual growth and sales figures are an indication of the high acceptability of phytopharmaceuticals in the population. The average price for phytopharmaceuticals was €11,90/unit. The main indications for the use of phytopharmaceuticals are cough and other respiratory diseases, as well as gastric and digestive problems. Because the prescription of medicines for conditions such as coryza, cough and hoarseness is no longer taken over by the healthcare system, patients have to pay for their drugs and are increasingly attracted to phytopharmaceuticals.