Business Consulting

  • Workshop
  • Portfolio analysis
  • License consulting
  • Developement of licensing strategies
  • Development of new OTC-Products for the european market
  • Project planning and guidance
  • Business development

ConPhyMed GmbH advises Asian phytopharmaceutical companies on their plans to enter the European market for phytopharmaceuticals. Together with our clients, we are developing market access strategies that are tailored exactly to the European market and take into account the needs of European consumers with regard to herbal medicinal products.


It is often difficult for Asian companies to properly assess the needs of European consumers in relation to herbal medicinal products. In addition, the complex European regulations for phytopharmaceuticals represent a further obstacle for a successful market entry. The team of ConPhyMed GmbH informs its clients in various workshops about the European market for phytopharmaceuticals, possibilities of drug licensing in Europe, market access strategies and the expectations of European doctors and consumers of herbal medicinal products (eg in terms of quality, safety, efficacy). We also offer targeted workshops on research and development, drug safety, pharmacovigilance, clinical affairs, cultivation of herbal medicines, as well as quality and safety.

Portfolio analysis

Many Asian companies have the desire to market their existing products on the European market. However, due to the complex European regulations for phytopharmaceuticals, this is only possible in a few cases. ConPhyMed GmbH conducts a detailed analysis of the existing product portfolio for its clients and provides advice on which products are suitable for the European market under which circumstances.

Registration for herbal medicinal products

In Europe, there are different registration procedures for herbal medicines. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages and can only be applied in very specific cases. ConPhyMed GmbH advises their clients on the question of which type of approval is most suitable for their product and provides information on the associated time and expense.

Development of registration strategies

If several products or very complex products consisting of more than 4 plants are considered for registration, a long-term strategy for approval should be developed. ConPhyMed GmbH supports their clients in finding the right registration strategy for their products, saving you time and money. Furthermore, this approach greatly reduces the risk of failures.

Development of new OTC products for the European market

Often, herbal medicines that have been successfully marketed in Asia can not simply be transferred to the European market. The main reasons for this are the European regulations for phytopharmaceuticals and the different needs of European consumers. For this reason, it is often necessary to adapt existing products to the European market. With its  expertise in the field of TCM and European phytotherapy, as well as in-depth knowledge of European drug law, ConPhyMed GmbH is the ideal partner for the development of new herbal medicinal products which are tailored precisely to the European market.