Medical Affairs

  •  Writing medical reports
  • Providing professional informations and leaflets
  • Writing scientific publications
  • Creating information brochures
  • Product training
  • Presentation of products at specialist congresses

In many pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, the area of medical affairs is becoming increasingly important for the marketing of the products. ConPhyMed GmbH helps its customers to generate knowledge about newly approved or already marketed products and to pass on this knowledge to internal employees, doctors, pharmacists and patients.


The employees of ConPhyMed GmbH are experts in the field of medical affairs and have many years of experience in evidence-based medicine and TCM research. Our customers benefit from the competence of our experts, especially in the planning of scientific studies, the elaboration of medical-scientific questions, the publication of clinical trials and the presentation of product-specific research results at specialist congresses as well as during the training of doctors.


Our work starts already before the approval of your products. Together with the marketing department, we are designing a concept for our clients, which creates a positive expectation among physicians, pharmacists and patients. In order to transform this positive expectation into trust in the product, we are developing a precisely timed research and publication strategy, which allows us to publish first research results at the same time as the market entry. We also provide teaching materials for physicians and pharmacists, explaining the benefits and the use of the product, and clearly elucidating the importance of the product in patient care.


After market approval, our employees are continually presenting current research data at congresses, which strengthens the confidence of the doctors in the respective product. In addition, the presence at specialist congresses makes it possible to get in direct contact with the doctors and to answer questions regarding the products.